Elevating Devices Mechanic

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Certificate of Qualification 636E
❝ I love that every day is different. The work is challenging but also extremely rewarding both mentally and financially.❞
Elevating devices mechanics construct, install, service and maintain elevating devices including elevators, lifts and escalators. You may specialize in installation, maintenance or repair and will be employed by elevator manufacturers and/or elevator installation and maintenance companies.

Key Skills & Attributes

  • Strong reading, communication and numeracy skills

  • Comfortable working at great heights and in dark, confined spaces

  • Strong problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills

  • Mechanical aptitude

  • Physical fitness

Entrance Requirements

  • Grade 12 Diploma

  • Math and Physics

Apprenticeship Program

A 4-year apprenticeship program totalling 8,000 hours of in-class theoretical training and on-site training allows you to earn while you learn. The Technical Standards and Safety Association (TSSA) regulates the Elevator industry through inspection, registration and licensing.


  • Install and wire electric and electronic control system devices

  • Adjust valves, seals, brake linings & other components

  • Install, test and adjust safety control devices

  • Troubleshoot mechanical or electrical systems failures

  • Test equipment and repair or replace parts

  • Carry out preventative maintenance programs to ensure public safety

  • Maintain logbooks that detail all checks & repairs performed

Journeyperson Wage Rate:


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Did you know?

There are over one million elevators and escalators in North America and facilitating over 280 billion passenger trips per year. Elevators are also the safest mode of personal transportation, evidence of the excellent apprenticeship training programs.


International Union of Elevator Constructors