Construction Millwright

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Certificate of Qualification 426A
❝ I’m depended on to assemble and maintain complicated machinery that costs millions of dollars. I like making a difference.❞
Construction Millwrights keep industrial machinery and other automated and robotic systems running smoothly. They dismantle, move, install, adjust and maintain power shafting, pulleys, conveyors and hoists. Millwrights make sure equipment meets safety and quality standards.

Key Skills & Attributes

  • Strong communication skills, reading & numeracy

  • Strong problem-solving & planning skills

  • Ability to read blueprints and schematic drawings

  • Mechanical aptitude

  • Good physical condition

  • Ability to work in high places, outdoors & in diverse weather

Entrance Requirements

High School Diploma

Apprenticeship Program

As a Construction Millwright apprentice you will learn technical skills and earn a living at the same time. Millwright apprentices must complete 8,000 hours of technical and on-the-job training. You will attend 3 terms of school consisting of 8-week blocks over a 4-5 period at George Brown College Casa Loma Campus.


  • Detect and troubleshoot mechanical problems & malfunctions

  • Repair or replace defective machinery parts

  • Assemble and install machinery and equipment using hand & power tools

  • Construct foundations for machinery

  • Fabricate parts required during overhaul, maintenance or set-up

  • Program programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

  • Operate hoisting & lifting equipment

Journeyperson Wage Rate:


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Did you know?

Construction millwrights are vital partners in industries as diverse as energy, automotive, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceuticals and more. We're everywhere, working behind the scenes to keep equipment running that keeps industry moving.


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